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RoofBoyz has been in existence since 2004 previously known as Crown roofing. RoofBoyz Specialises in all aspects of roofing, from Slate roofing to Waterproofing. The owner Louis Rabie has a "hands on" approach to all aspects of the business. Quality materials and workmanship is a prerequisite. All quotations are FREE and dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our staff has been with us since inception and are honest, reliable and hardworking, Premises are always left clean and tidy after each day’s work. We are proud of our work and will always give you the best advice.

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Slate roofing

As a result of the harsh South African sun, slate roofs tend to get extremely brittle and therefore needs regular maintenance. The slate tiles develop cracks resulting in leaks that cause damage to the wooden roof trusses, paintwork, furniture, carpets, etc. When we are requested to quote for maintenance of a roof, we do a thorough inspection of the entire roof free of charge and then submit a quotation of the work required, for your perusal. If our quote is accepted, work will commence ASAP and once completed, we will provide a Maintenance Plan to ensure that the roof remains in a proper condition at a minimal call out fee. This means that constant maintenance is done to your roof over a period of time, when required and/or requested by you. No contracts and no hidden costs.


When assessing waterproofing companies in Gauteng, your search will stop here. We solve water proofing problems. Either upfront as a preventative measure or afterwards when the water damage needs to end. We are recognized as a reputable and reliable waterproofing contractor. We supply waterproofing solutions for roofs, patios, roof gardens and wherever you need protection against water. Different surfaces and structures require particular types of waterproofing systems. Many waterproofing products are vapour barriers, some are not. Let our team of professionals provide you an-site evaluation to solve your waterproofing problems. Technical waterproofing expertise ensuring that we select the correct waterproofing product to achieve long lasting results. Whether it is a new structure or a refurbishment, we offer a solution to suit your needs and budget. The use of a quality water proofing system is essential if you want to preserve the water-tightness of the building envelope.


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